Graphic Encounter Fine Art, provides professional fine art + custom framing consulting services to distinguished Interior Designers + Architects + Purchasing Agents + Hotel Developers, that specialize in the design and implementation of  boutique hotels + casino hotels + premier destination resorts the world over.

Graphic Encounter Fine Art, headquartered in Aspen, Colorado, Culver City, California, and Park City, Utah,  is extremely interested in acquiring artwork in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and video, for the purpose of providing those works for inclusion in projects for the hospitality, healthcare, spa, and corporate art environments.

Graphic Encounter Fine Art does not provide framed artwork to individuals or to the retail marketplace.  

OUR BUSINESS MODEL IS SIMPLE: Our art consulting services constantly require that new works of art be obtained to meet the ever changing demands of the numerous creative design firms that we work with, who specialize in hospitality venues.

We reach out to artists world wide on a regular basis and include their art  for hotels in North America, Europe, and the Far East.
So, if you are interested in having your art procured for a five star 89 room boutique hotel, like The Little Nell Hotel, Aspen, Colorado, that Graphic Encounter Fine Art recently completed for the Aspen Skiing Company, or a five star, 4,000 room mega resort like the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada that we recently completed for MGM Resorts, please submit your artwork based upon the information below. 

There is no cost / charge to you for Graphic Encounter Fine Art to 'show' your imagery online. This is a free service that will undoubtedly increase your visibility to the interior design marketplace, while at the same time providing a starting point for our firms' to work together.

Once your work has been selected, representations of those works will remain housed on our website for the express purpose of providing those images to hospitality projects worldwide.


Please send the following: 10 to 15 representative images. Please send your samples via email ( subject line to read "Your Name" - Art For Review ) as a pdf or as jpegs sized to 1000 pixels on the long side and at 72 - 96 dpi resolution, along with a brief description of your history and your process. Each image should be titled and numbered.  A portrait of you will be needed should your work be selected by us.    

Send to:

What we will do for you:

We will feature our artists regularly through our social media.

We will send out e-mail blasts to our client base of over 45,000 + interior designers, architects and hospitality purchasing agents for their review.

We will provide you with our non-exclusive agreement for your revue. We will only show the selected / agreed upon artwork  on our website and we will never print any image, in any format, without first negotiating the appropriate artist’s rights, fees, etc. with you.

A closer look:

We never quite know from one job request to the other, how your art/photography might correspond to 'the' particular assignment. The amount of revenue that any one particular project might result in for the artist varies greatly from one project to another. There is no set amount of compensation that is typical. Sometimes a job might require a singular image/sculpture/original painting/photograph. Sometimes a particular work or set of works might be the genesis of those images being reproduced singularly or in quantity for a medium/large scale project. Sometimes the artist might print/publish the images or allow Graphic Encounter as part of the up-front negotiated agreement to print/publish the images on the agreed upon substrate, e.g., plexiglas, paper, canvas, wood, metal, etc. If the artist agrees to print their work themselves, they will be responsible for sending the printed piece (s) to our framing facility in secure packaging and will handle all insurance etc. If the artist chooses to have us print the work we will require a high resolution file suitable for printing of the final art at the size required by the project specifications. Sculpture and other 3D works require special shipping and handling and are the responsibility of the artist to get the piece(s) to the final site location. It is a usual practice for the artist in this case to work the cost of shipping into their overall price of the contracted piece. As you can see, there are a few things to consider with work in this industry, it is a negotiating business.

Upon receipt of the designer’s interest in your artwork for a project, we will discuss the project, the scope of work, etc. to derive  a ‘cost’ of your artwork, etc. Your artwork will then be put into production or your commission for a custom piece will commence. Upon completion of art, an invoice will be issued to the client and will go out with the artwork. You will be notified of the invoicing and you will be paid within 30 days of our receipt of payment form the client.

So, although there is no set amount of money or remuneration/compensation that is 'standard' in our industry, there is an on-going opportunity to make money in our marketplace through our sales / marketing efforts. 

We reach out to artists world wide on a regular basis. We know how difficult it is to achieve gallery representation.

Graphic Encounter Fine Art provides the visibility that you envision for yourself. Once we establish the project value of your artwork, prior to framing, we will negotiate with you, as your on line gallery…this way we do the branding, marketing, sales and fulfillment. 


If you are interested, please contact us at:

Thank you.

David Jordan Williams

Creative Director / Curator
Graphic Encounter Fine Art